Wednesday, 28 April 2010


what am i doing in my FMP..

well during the course of my FMP i will be focusing on secrets. It is interesting that every one has a secret about them or someone else, there are also many forms of secrets for example there are good ones such as parents keeping presents secret, there are also really bad ones such as robbing a bank. when i was little i remember we played games and we used to keep such silly secrets for example some one you fancied it was all very exciting at the time and it could have been broken and the guy/girl you liked knew about it and it became extremely embarrassing. the older you get the more serious secrets can get for example you could be very stressed with work or embrace about your body image or something similar. Police have to keep secrets however there is a posh word called confidential which means that they can discus it in a small personal group of members. there are also alot of secret society which could be bad or maybe good who knows. during the time i have on this project i will be filming things taking notes and discussing things with my friends and tutors. i am very excited about what i can get out of this project i am keen to get started

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